Just got back home safely to New York after 10,000 miles of driving cross country and back.

I left with some doubts about the car, but this rescued IS300 (bought from a spoiled 19-year-old) has proven once again, Toyota’s are rock solid.

At the Bonneville Salt Flats, just a few minutes before getting stuck in the mud for 2 hours.

Parked at the Oregon Cave National Monument

I had bought the car about a month before leaving for California and only did the following maintenance:
- Oil Change
- Install Bilstein Shocks
- Flush coolant, replace with original Toyota Red Coolant
- Flush transmission oil, replace with mobil 1 synthetic
- New set of Hankook Ventus V12 EVO K110 tires


6 hours before leaving, the check engine light went on. I was luckily able to pull the codes and discovered cylinders 4, 5 and 6 were misfiring intermittently. I reset the codes and haven’t seen the check engine light since. In Colorado (after a 28hr non-stop drive) I picked up replacement NGK Iridium plugs, but never got a chance to put them in the car while on the trip.

This car never skipped a beat and was always ready to go. I’ll be treating it to a nice tune up for sure.

(I’ve got a TON more photos of the car in amazing scenery. If this post takes off I’ll do a full write up.)